Rostock University of Music and Drama sets great store by practical training for its students. This is supported by partnerships with theatres, orchestras, associations and colleges. Here you will find an overview of ongoing partnerships which provide practical experience during the students’ musical training.

Volkstheater Rostock

Rostock Volkstheater and the Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock (North German Philharmonic Rostock) are the college’s main partners, offering stage and orchestral experience for students.

Concerts for soloists with the Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock

The hmt organises concerts for soloists with the Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock of Rostock Volkstheater three times a year. Usually directed by principal conductor Manfred Hermann Lehner, students have the opportunity to perform with the largest orchestra in the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. These soloist concerts have now become a cornerstone of artistic training at the hmt. For the students, they are an important milestone on their path to a solo career or for pending auditions for an orchestral job.

Co-production with the VTR and the drama institute

The Volkstheater offers co-productions with Rostock University of Music and Drama every year. For this, directors work with third-semester students in theatre conditions on productions which are firmly anchored in the Volkstheater’s repertoire.

Theater Vorpommern

In May 2008, the Theater Vorpommern (Theatre of West Pomerania) and its Philharmonic Orchestra joined the Volkstheater Rostock and Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock as another partner offering practical experience on stage and in the orchestra.

After auditioning successfully, students at the hmt are offered the opportunity to work as substitutes and extras with the Philharmonische Orchester Vorpommern or to sing in musical theatre performances. Soloists and student conductors can rehearse with the orchestra.

Berlin Staatskapelle

The partnership agreement concluded with the Berlin Staatskapelle and its principal conductor Daniel Barenboim is particularly important.

Visits to rehearsals, workshops, artists forums and masterclasses with outstanding soloists, conductors and directors offer unparalleled opportunities to promote the artistic development of hmt students.

The Mecklenburg Wind Academy, run in cooperation with members and teachers of the Berlin Staatskapelle’s orchestral academy, is a major enhancement of the training received by students in the university´s wind department.

Rostock University

Rostock University and Rostock University of Music and Drama cooperate in the following areas:

  • Coordinating teacher training
  • Developing the Master’s degree course in musicology with the Faculty of Philosophy at Rostock University
  • In the area of doctoral education, the institute of musicology and music education is collaborating with eleven scientists in three faculties at Rostock University on the postgraduate course “Cultural Contact and Scientific Discourse” sponsored by the DFG (German Research Foundation), which offers regular interdisciplinary lectures as well as carrying out research work.
  • Mutual support in the area of scientific research
  • Cooperation between the university and college libraries

State music schools

The music schools of the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania are cooperative partners for students on all of our music courses. They can gain practical teaching experience here.

Mecklenburg-West Pomerania Festival

Since 2005, Rostock University of Music and Drama has been running an international summer campus in cooperation with the Mecklenburg-West Pomerania Festival. For the masterclass courses at the summer campus, this means that the Polish Chamber Philharmonic of Sopot directed by Wojciech Rajski  is at the disposal of the masterclass students (soloists) for orchestral rehearsals and concert performances. The Festival also incorporates an orchestral concert with teachers at the summer campus and three orchestral concerts with students on the masterclass courses into its programme in Rostock and surroundings.

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