Bachelor of Music Guitar

Entrance Requirements

Applicants who wish to enrol at the University of Music and Theatre have to provide proof of entitlement (normally: “Abitur” – general/specialized higher education entrance qualification or foreign equivalent). As an exception for music studies and on request, this document might be complemented or replaced by a certificate verifying the passed entrance examination to the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock. Applicants also need to have completed their compulsory education or will presumably have done so before they start their studies.

Programme Details

The Major Specialism module (“Künstlerisches Kernmodul”, semesters 1 – 4) and the follow-up module (“Obligatorische Vertiefung Kernmodul”, semesters 5 – 8) provide the core of the Bachelor’s course. According to the requirements of the professional market, a second study is a mandatory part of the curriculum. Students can choose between the electrical guitar and the lute.

Music Comprehension I, II, and III (“Musikerschließung I, II, und III”, semesters 1 – 6) are basic modules during which students learn to approach music as a whole. The module Music Education (“Musikpädagogik”, semesters 1 – 2) comprises lectures providing basic pedagogical knowledge and the Teaching module (“Obligatorisches Vertiefungsmodul Didaktik”, semesters 5 – 8) builds on it. During the latter, practical school work with learners becomes part of the study. Those students who wish to work as teachers at music schools after graduating can further develop their pedagogical skills by choosing an optional pedagogical module (i.e. Elementary Music Education “Elementare Musikpädagogik”, semesters 5 – 6).

Beside the pedagogical area, there are several other optional modules that can be chosen from a module catalogue in order to either aim towards the refinement of artistic skills (for instance Chamber Music, Jazz Stylistics) or a specialisation (for instance Contemporary Music, Leading of Ensemble). One optional module has to be completed.

The advanced study modules in semesters 5 – 8 allow students to expand the knowledge they acquired during the first study period and develop a solid competence. That means with regard to the major: Students expand and consolidate interpretation skills. The knowledge of musical literature is further backed through the ensemble lectures (Chamber Music, Band/Early Music Ensemble).

Official Length of the Programme

Four years, 240 ECTS-credits

Skills and Qualifications Profile of the Graduate

The course prepares especially for the professional work as a guitar teacher at a music school or as a freelanced teacher, but it also provides a solid basis for an artistic career. Accordingly, the Master’s courses in Music Education and Guitar Playing (Solo Training) provide interesting options for those graduates who wish to enhance their studies.

Aptitude test requirements

Aptitude test in main instrument (supplement to the aptitude test regulations of Rostock University of Music and Drama)

Duration: at least 15 minutes

Works from three erasincluding:

one Baroque work (Bach Prelude or similar)

one 19th century work (sonata movement, variations or similar)

one work composed after 1950 (e.g. by Henze, Krenek, Britten).

One continuo realisation of medium difficulty




Compulsory subjects: theory and aural training

The examination requirements for piano (compulsory subject), music theory and aural training are defined in the aptitude test for admission to Rostock University of Music and Drama.

Language requirements

Foreign students whose native language is not German must provide evidence that their knowledge of German is sufficient for their chosen course. 
For the Bachelor’s degree (Guitar), students are required to have reached level B2 as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 
Applicants’ linguistic competence will be established during the aptitude test. 
You will find further information in the Aptitude Test Regulations and Matriculation Regulations of Rostock College of Music and Drama.


A fee of 50 Euro will be charged for processing your application for admission. This must be transferred to hmt when you submit your application documents.


You will find more information about applications here

Application deadline for aptitude test

May 1 for courses starting in the winter semester. 
December 1 for courses starting in the summer semester.

Course director

Prof. Dr. Thomas Offermann

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