Master's degree répétiteur

Programme details

Due to the complexity of knowledge the professional market demands from graduates, essential working fields of a répétiteur can only be studied exemplarily during the Bachelor’s course; the Master’s programme will cover them in-depth. Knowledge expansion regards both the repertoire and study fields that had been introduced but not deepened during the first cycle. (Conducting can be taken as an example here: While Bachelor’s graduates are familiar with only the foundations, Master’s graduates will be trained comprehensively with focus on artistic expression.)

One crucial target of the study course is to enable students to work independently and to take over managerial tasks as well (e. g. leading of ensembles). That also applies to the administrative area. Students are qualified to work as production directors, e. g. at theatres, being responsible for all musical-related stages of a production.

The study programme has been designed in such a way that there is a practice-related element in each semester (attendance of rehearsals, internship at an opera house/musical theatre, singers’ coaching). In that respect, accompaniment and coaching of singers is the part that is particularly important.

After all, the aim of the study course is to educate graduates who are accepted by the professional market due to an extensive knowledge and understanding of the diverse challenges of accompaniment and coaching. They are able to work with all artistic partners (singers, choirs, instrumental ensembles etc.).

Course Profile

  • Official Length of the programme: two years, 120 ECTS-credits
  • Start of the course: winter semester as well as summer semester
  • Application period: 1 October to 15 November for the summer semester. 1 March to 15 April for the winter semester.
  • University Degree: Master of Music
  • Teachers
Career perspectives

The Master’s course aims towards a diversified qualification in the large field of accompaniment and coaching in conjunction with music theatre productions and adjacent artistic fields. One special educational goal is to prepare Master’s graduates to take over managerial functions (as production director).

Language requirements

Foreign students whose native language is not German must provide evidence that their knowledge of German is sufficient for their chosen course. 
For the Master’s degree (Répétiteur), students are required to have reached level B2 as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 
Applicants’ linguistic competence will be established during the aptitude test. 

You will find further information in the Aptitude Test Regulations and Matriculation Regulations (only in German) of Rostock University of Music and Drama.

Aptitude test requirements

Please apply via our application website by uploading the required documents and application video by 15th of April for the next winter semester and 15th of November for the next summer semester.

In order to take part 1 in the aptitude test, you need to submit 2 application videos comprising the following works:

  • Mozart: Finale II from Le Nozze di Figaro (No. 15, 8th scene and 9th scene and 11th scene til the end)
  • G. Puccini: La Bohème 2. Act from start until entrance of Musetta (no. 16)

Each video has to start with a short introduction (your name, your application number, the title of the piece you are about to present). The video has to be filmed in one take and live, which means the material must not be cut or post-edited. There is no need for professional video production. Videos taken with your mobile phone are absolutely fine. However, you should be clearly visible and audible whilst playing your instrument or singing. he applicant must be fully visible in the picture with the upper body during the conducting and correpetition lecture. 

You will receive an e-mail with the results of part 1 of the aptitude test. If you have passed part 1 of the aptitude test, you will be invited to part 2 which will take place in June for the winter semester and in January for the summer semester. The exact dates will be published under apply for studies.
The second round of the aptitude test covers all parts of the examination that are still missing e.g. playing at sight tasks, work with singers or orchestra (instrumental ensemble) accordings to the hmt's aptitude test regulations ("Eignungsprüfungsordnung"). 

Please prepare: 

  • working with singers: Otto Nicolai: Nr. 1 duet Frau Fluth/Frau Reich from Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor 

Additionally, foreign students have to pass a German proficiency test. 

We are looking forward to your application.


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A fee of 50 Euro is charged for processing your application for admission. Please transfer this amount when you submit your application.

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