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Rostock University of Music and Drama has developed an extensive, varied network of international partnerships and relationships. This international cooperation focuses on exchange. hmt students go and study at a partner college every year. As the professors at hmt also give guest lectures at the partner colleges, they are familiar with these institutions and can help their students make the best choice. Besides ABAM, the most important international programmes of which the hmt is a member are the European Union’s SOKRATES and ERASMUS programmes. Taking part in these programmes is easier and less complicated than applying individually to a foreign university. Students who attend other colleges as part of these programmes do not have to pay study fees. They also receive a monthly mobility allowance depending on the funds available.

Association of Baltic Academies of Music

Association of Baltic Academies of Music

The Association of Baltic Academies of Music (ABAM) comprises 16 music colleges in the states adjoining the Baltic and offers our students the opportunity to take part in orchestral projects every year, also outside Germany. It also makes it possible for professors and students to undertake exchanges in northern and eastern Europe.

The association is made up of colleges from Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden. The Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem is an associate member.

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Explorations in Music in Education

Explorations in Music in Education

Various European colleges which train school music teachers work together to offer annual courses known as "Explorations in Music in Education", since 2012 called "Musical interaction and learning in schools and communities". Besides the hmt Rostock, the colleges involved are:

  • College of Nyiregyháza (Hungary)
  • Umeå University (Sweden)
  • Liverpool Hope University (UK)/since 2012
  • College und Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)
  • Copenhagen Institut for Social Educators (Denmark)
  • Lemmens Instituut Leuven (Belgium)
  • Colleges in Polen and Norway

These colleges are linked by the European college programmes ERASMUS/SOKRATES, and the partnership is organised under the roof of the International Working Group for MUSIC EDUCATION for the northern countries of Europe (ArGe Nord).

This partnership enables lecturers and students on music education courses to familiarise themselves with the educational and didactic goals and procedures of teaching music to children and young people at general schools in the various countries and to put them into practice in their own work.
The “Explorations in Music in Education” were first held in 1997 and take place every alternate year at one of the colleges belonging to ArGe Nord.

Studying abroad

Information is available from:
Silke Pösken
Head of the International Student Office at hmt Rostock

Dr. Bernd Fröde
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