Masterclass Ostracised Music for Solo Piano and Piano Duo Volker Ahmels | 23 - 27 August 2019

Volker Ahmels studied at the Lübeck University of Music with Hartmut Leistritz, where he focussed in particular on the music of the 20th Century. His music was influenced in particular by pianist, Professor Bernhard Wambach. He made frequent appearances as a soloist, chamber musician and as part of the Haufe-Ahmels Piano Duo in Germany, Europe and the USA.
A central theme of his pianistic and teaching work is the remembrance of artists ostracised by the Nazis. This led to the founding of the Verfemte Musik (Ostracised Music) Festival in Schwerin, which he has managed since 2001. Ahmels has been Head of the Centre for Ostracised Music at the Rostock University of Music and Drama since 2008. He was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his contribution to the field of ostracised music and his dedication toward the freedom and diversity of art in December 2018.

Preselection: A video is not required.

The fee for the course 'Ostracised Music' was reduced to € 80,00 per person or ensemble.
Participants that select the 'Ostracised Music' course as a second course receive an additional price reduction of 50 %.

Course profile

The course will focus on works by composers who were pursued, forced into exile or murdered by the Nazis. The varying styles of the artists from the period of National Socialism often lead to unexpected discoveries. Compositions have been discovered time and again in recent years, some of which were not known at all and had hardly ever been performed.
An excursion is planned to the Archive for Ostracised Music/Peter Wallfisch Archive in Schwerin. The archive is home to more than 2000 scores for solo piano/piano duet.
Featuring guest: Friederike Haufe from the piano duo Haufe-Ahmels.

Solo piano (selection)
Viktor Ullmann: Sonaten
Gideon Klein: Sonate
Ingolf Dahl: Piano works
Dick Kattenburg: all piano works
Leo Smit: Piano works

Piano duet (selection)
Darius Milhaud: Le boeuf sur le toit
Hans Gál: Marionetten
Ernst Toch: Sonate (Bereitstellung der Noten möglich, da vergriffen)
Leo Smit: Divertimento
Dick Kattenburg: alle Klavierwerke
Alexandre Tansmann: Danse de la sorcière