Supplement for all courses: Workshop "Free Breath - Free Sound"

Finding ways to breath freely or a flexible way of supporting breathing is of fundamental importance in the teaching of singing and all kinds of instruments (i.e. also for non-woodwind and brass instrumentalists): The way our muscles allow our breathing to work determines our individual expression on our instruments and is a visible and audible depiction of our breathing. It effects the intensity of sound, resonance and stage presence.
This breathing and body awareness workshop aims to develop an individual conscience for the connection between breathing and music and to enable the participants to experience this connection in their music and bodies.

Gordana Crnkovic is a trained vocal coach (Diplom) and breathing coach (AFA Diploma). She teaches at the universities of music in Freiburg, Würzburg and Rostock, is coordinator for the subject area Art and Health at hmt Rostock, gives talks, and holds international seminars and workshops.

Summer Campus | 25. International Masterclasses
21. - 28. August 2020
Supplement for all masterclasses


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