Swingin' Warnow Jazz Orchestra

The Swingin' Warnow Jazz Orchestra is made up of students from different departments of the hmt. Gaetan Fournet-Fayas is the youngest member and studies at the young academy rostock. The ensemble has a diversified and modern repertoire.

The big band was founded in 2011 by its musical leader Professor Benjamin Köthe. Its debut took place in Rostock in February 2012. The big band has been giving regular concerts inside and outside the university ever since.

The Swingin' Warnow Jazz Orchestra replaced the big band „FunJazzTick“, directed by Florian Koeppe from 2006 till 2011. Kerstin Eisenecker previously conducted it for two years. The first big band to be made up of school music students at the hmt was founded in 1999 to give them the opportunity to perform on stage and tackle various styles of popular music.

The Swingin' Warnow Jazz Orchestra- IMPRESSIONS