The Overwhelmed Generation - Family Developments in the Age of Globalization

International Student Conference: May 12 to May 26, 2018 in Rostock (Germany)

Theatre teachers from 10 different nations will be discussing different methods of theatre work while also planning the "International Children and Parents Conference", which will take place in Togo in 2019.

The overall project is a product of IDEA (International Drama / Theater and Education Association). IDEA stands for the cultural participation of children and adolescents worldwide, for meetings between theatre creators in education to get to know each other and exchange opinions and also for international research in those fields. The above intentions take place within the frame of Young IDEA. The director Prof. Marion Kuester, hmt Rostock, wants to develop a worldwide network with and for students and young practitioners which will assist the realization of the IDEA objectives. For the conception, designing and organization of the activities described above, a group of students and graduates of the Masters Program "Theatre Education" at the hmt Rostock has been formed. In addition to that, the international guests at the student conference will help creating an environment where innovation and experience can be exchanged and multiplied.

The project consists of three main steps: the international students meeting in 2018 which is described above, the founding of the Children and Family Parliament within the frame of the "Children and Parents Conference" in Togo in 2019, and the 10th World IDEA Congress in 2020, during which the outcome of the first two steps will be presented.

The Young IDEA Project is being supported by the national association BV.TS (Federal Association for Drama in Education), the regional association TIB e.V. MV (Drama in Education in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) as well as by the Academy for Music and Performative Arts Rostock (AMDK) and the Rostock University of Music and Drama (hmt Rostock).

Sophie Weigelt, Lea Liepe, Winnie Nabwami, Prof. Marion Küster, Simone Burckhardt, Nina Peitsch, Nefeli Angeloglou.