Information about IT at the hmt

User account for Students, Lecturers and Employees

Members of the hmt Rostock are automatically provided with a central user account and e-mail mailbox, which they will receive upon enrolment or commencement of employment at the hmt. If a private e-mail address has been provided to the hmt, the login credentials will be sent there, otherwise you will receive it by a post letter. 

The very first step for you is to change your initial password using the link
This page is to manage all of your official information and account. Enter your user name and the initial password in the upper right corner. You will then be asked to reenter a new password.
Please choose a secure password that contains at least nine characters (small and large letters, numbers and special characters). And please DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD! You can now proceed using this new login information, but it might take some minutes, until all systems are updated.


hmt email

On enrollment you will be assigned a hmt email-address. This is your  official address where you will receive important university information.
The hmt Rostock's e-mail service can be accessed via the web mail program Outlook Web Access (OWA) at

For students we grant 250 MB of storage space and 500 MB for teachers. If you use about 98% of your storage space, an automatic quota warning will appear. You can only receive mails if there is enough free space in your mailbox.



The hmt Rostock offers wireless internet access. In most parts of the hmt Rostock building one has WIFI access.

In order to signup, please choose the  WIFI KLOSTER network and use your central user account data to log in. Guests can register a guest account at the hmt Rostock library.

Since 2017, the international EDUROAM network is also available. Eduroam is an initiative that enables employees and students of participating universities and organisations to access the internet at the locations of all participating organisations using the user names and passwords of their home institutions. For example, you can log in to the EDUROAM network of the University of Rostock, the University of Greifswald etc. with your useraccount  / password. As login credentials, please use your user account with the addition of  (e.g.: and your standard login password.



The intranet pages contain information for you such as the listing of teachers with e-mail and telephone contact details, official university announcements, protocols of committee meetings, orchestra dates and castings, forms (including documents from the previous form server), poster and programme templates, a guide to frequently asked questions and more.

Please click on Quick Links on our website above and select LOGIN INTRANET. Please use your official user account credentials.

Maintenance of communication systems

Maintenance of communication systems

On every last Friday of the month from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m., there is a maintenance timeslot to check and update the information and telecommunication systems by external providers. During this period, some systems may be on stand-by or certain limitation could occur. However, these mostly will not be noticeable.

Manuals & Howtos

Manuals & Howtos

The following manuals contain step-by-step instructions with screenshots and German comments for e.g. recovery of forgotten passwords, setup of e-mail forwarding etc.

Forgot your password?

Quick guide how to use the copying machines

WIFI access under Windows 7 (required certificate)



The hmt Rostock offers a Zeutschel bookscanner at the library. You can use it to create scans and save them to your smartphone or tablet. This functionality requires the

zeta2mobile on your device

Download the App

Here you will get a german manual for the app setup.

Guest access to the University of Rostock

Guest access to the University of Rostock

Members of the hmt could be granted a guest access to the University of Rostock, which allows them to use its services. This requires to fill in a user form at the Universitys datacentre (ITMZ). As confirmation, the hmt Chancellor has to signup and to seal this request. Students will need to add a up to date confirmation of their membership.

You will get more details and the form here

Online conference with BBB

Online conference with BBB

Big Blue Button is a common solution for educational purposes at universities or schools. This web based solution allows an simple participation by following the invitation links with your Firefox / Edge / Chrom - Browser.
Beside videochat, whiteboard and shared presentations, this platform also allows an optional recording of the session.

To start a virtual conference for teaching or administration, you sign in and create a BBB room  at and share the link. Further help gives the default background presentation, if you joined a session.You might also want to watch some videotutorials introducing the basic concepts and functionality. A more detailed introduction, is provided in the Dokumentation Greenlight on how to setup rooms, or the  Dokumentation BBB for all the available features within a session.

To start own conferences, please get in touch with us and we will create a personal user account.


Online conferences using DFNconf

Online conferences using DFNconf

The hmt Rostock has a DFNcon service agreement with the DFN (Deutsches Forschungsnetz - german researcher network). This service includes the possibility to host video- and audio- webconferences. The focus is on research and schooling and offers the central components to create online sessions.

Please open and click "Veranstalterlogin" (event organizer login). Choose "Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock" as your organisation and fill in your personal hmt Rostock user account (e.g. mopo1234) and your password. You can now create meetings using the Pexip video conference software:

For quick meetings with a group of people please choose new meeting-room and enter a name and organizer PIN code. This will be used to identify yourself as maintainer with extra privileges at the start of the meeting.
For scheduled and events with bigger audience please choose new lecture-room. This is optimized for only a small group of speakers and a huge amount of listeners.
In both cases, you can customize the conference using "more settings" block.
The datacentre of the University of Rostock (ITMZ) offers a tutorial and guide here:

You can also use the Adobe Connect platform (at top menu right side). This software offers much more features like presentations, whiteboard, break-out-rooms, custom layouts, lobby, user roles, ... . It is designed for big events like real conferences which have a strict schedule and which also need to offer user contributions during the session.
But this huge featureset comes with a longer training time for organizers. Helpful is for example the video series of the Institut für Qualitätsentwicklung an Schulen Schleswig-Holstein (IQSH).

Online conferences with Zoom

Online conferences with Zoom

The hmt Rostock owns Zoom software licenses, that can be used for your work instead of the free-to-use DFN video conference software. You will need to fill in a request form signed by Prorektor Mr. Martin Rieck.


If you have any questions, please get in touch via ithmt-rostockde, or for urgent response directly via IT staff.