Sound Studio & Media Studio

The Soundstudio

The mobile technology in the hmt sound studio enables students to produce sound recordings of the quality customary at radio stations or in the music industry. Sound carriers are produced of

  • Opera and theatre projects
  • Recordings of selected, typical college concerts and class evenings
  • Recordings which can be used when applying for competitions or grants or embarking on a career
  • Radio plays
  • Playback tapes for projects by the drama department
  • Contemporary compositions which have not yet been published
  • Playback tapes of works by composition students


Beside the wide range of recording opportunities, the sound studio offers practical seminars which make it possible for students to work there independently. Learning to work independently in the sound studio helps students quickly forget any nerves when making their own recordings and imbues them with confidence handling the technology.


Rostock University of Music and Drama holds all rights to these recordings. It reserves the right to sell them or use them in any other way.

Contact Sound Studio

Studio Manager: Carsten Storm 
Beim St.-Katharinenstift 8, 18055 Rostock, Germany
fon: +49 (381) 5108-261
fax: +49 (381) 5108-233


Sound Studio

Media Studio - SZ17

In the multimedia studio, students are taught essential aspects of digital teaching. The multimedia studio serves as a working environment for audio and video productions as well as for collaborative work in hybrid spaces. Students have access to powerful computers, interfaces and MIDI keyboards for audio productions, cameras for video productions and up-to-date software.

Students may borrow various media technologies, including a microphone, camera, and mixing console from the multimedia studio for a maximum of one week. Reservation of the technology is recommended and must be registered with the responsible students or Benjamin Hecht. An overview of current reservations and borrowings can be found here.

Under certain conditions, you can register with Benjamin Hecht as an authorized key holder for room SZ17.

Information about the use of the Multimedia Studio, the rental of media technology, rental conditions, key allocation and further information can be found on the right side of this page.

Opening hours

The multimedia studio can be used during the supervised opening hours. The timetable for room SZ17 can be found in our online calendar.


The multimedia studio is almost completed. Students already can use the room again during supervised opening hours. Currently, eight workstations are available with open source programs for video editing and audio production.

In need of equipment for video conferences? Teachers within the hmt are able to borrow mobile conference equipment from the multimedia studio. The sets include a webcam (on a tripod), microphone and USB extensions. All you need for online or hybrid conferences. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Benjamin Hecht.



Studio manager: Benjamin Hecht
Student assistent: Johannes Schirbock

Rental Media