Summer Campus | 25th International Master Classes

20. - 28. August, 2020

Dear friends of the Summer Campus,

We had hoped up to the last minute to be able to hold our Summer Campus despite the ongoing cornonavirus pandemic. Following the most recent decision by the State Government we unfortunately find ourselves compelled to cancel the Summer Campus and its masterclasses. This is a big disappointment for all of us, but of course we would like to do our part to limit the pandemic and protect everyone's health. In addition, many students from abroad are insecure and do not know whether they can arrive at all. But the internationality is what characterizes the Summer Campus.

We will postpone the master classes and concerts which were planned for this year to 2021 and 2022.

The Summer Campus 2021 will take place from 19 – 27 August 2021 and offer the following masterclasses:

  • Piano: Herbert Schuch
  • Piano: Prof. Cédric Pescia
  • Cello: Prof. Maximilian Hornung
  • Singing: Prof. Anne Schwanewilms
  • Tuba: Prof. Jens Bjørn-Larsen
  • Lied Interpretation: Prof. Karola Theill
  • Viola: Prof. Piotr Szumiel
  • Clarinet: Sebastian Manz

The masterclass clarinet with Prof. Harri Mäki and Prof. Heiner Schindler und the masterclass horn with Prof. Marie-Luise Neunecker will be postponed for another year and take place as part of the Sommercampus 2022 from 18 – 26 August 2022.

We sincerely hope that you will get through this difficult time well, we would be happy if you were there next year. Please register again. The registration portal opens in early January 2021.

Looking forward meeting in 2021 then!

Kind regards, yours
Angelika Thönes, Director Summer Campus

Foto: Mirco Dalchow

Rostock Summer Campus 2020

Prof. Anne Schwanewilms | © studioline

Singing | Prof. Anne Schwanewilms

Prof. Harri Mäki | © Sami Perttilä

Clarinet | Prof. Harri Mäki

Prof. Heiner Schindler | © Jens Wagner

Clarinet | Prof. Heiner Schindler

Prof. Jens Bjørn-Larsen | © Buffet-Group

Tuba | Prof. Jens Bjørn-Larsen

Prof. Cédric Pescia | © Uwe Neuman

Piano | Prof. Cédric Pescia

Herbert Schuch | © Felix Broede

Piano | Herbert Schuch

Prof. Maximilian Hornung | © Marco Borggreve

Cello | Prof. Maximilian Hornung

Prof. Marie-Luise Neunecker | © Janne-Saksala

Horn | Prof. Marie-Luise Neunecker

Prof. Karola Theill | © Steffen Höft

Lied Interpretation | Prof. Karola Theill

Master classes, Orchestras and Concerts

hmt Rostock’s International Summer Campus provides the perfect combination of masterclasses, orchestra practice and concerts. The musicians taking part in the various courses receive intensive tuition from first-class artists and are given the opportunity to practise as a soloist with an orchestra. Furthermore, selected students can perform at one of the three final concerts as part of the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Every masterclass will also give its own concert.

The orchestral work is done with the Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock, a large symphony orchestra, which will be led by Prof. Marcus Bosch during the Summer Campus.

The Summer Campus is aimed at music students from all over the world. Young talents who are preparing to take an entrance examination for a university of music, as well as professional musicians who would like to enhance their skills, are also welcome to register for active participation. Passive participation is also possible and provides a good insight into the daily artistic work.

Course fees

Active participation

€ 320.00 per course and participant respectively Lied-Duo

If you would like to participate in two courses, you will receive a 50 % reduction on the price of the second course.
Students at the Rostock University of Music and Drama receive a 50  % reduction on the participation fee.

There is no registration fee.

The course fee must be paid immediately after you have been accepted for active participation.

Bank account details for the Rostock University of Music and Drama
BIC: NOLADE21ROS, Ostseesparkasse Rostock
IBAN: DE 57 1305 0000 0201 0189 26
Reference: Course fee SC 2020 and 'name of the participant', 'course' (both required)

Passive participation

Tickets for passive participationcan be purchased during the Summer Campus, in the Course Office.
€ 110,00 all courses and the entire duration
€ 16,00 day ticket
€ 10,00 half-day ticket
Students and lecturers at hmt Rostock have free entrance as observers to all courses.


The date for arrival and registration is Tuhrsday, 20 August 2020. Please register at the Course Office between 2.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m.. The first get-together is at the welcoming event at 5.30 p.m. in the Chamber Music Hall.
The actual courses start on 21 August and end on 28 August.

Conditions of Participation

Selection Procedure
If we receive more applications for active participation than we can accept, the respective course teachers will select the participants based on videos of performances of eventually on the submitted resume.

Image and Sound Rights
By registering for the Summer Campus, the participants agree that photo and video recordings may be made by the organiser and used for non-commercial purposes. All ancillary copyrights resulting from any image or sound recordings remain unlimited in terms of time and place for the Rostock University of Music and Drama.

Orchestra Practice
The teacher of each course will select the soloists for the orchestra rehearsals and concerts as part of the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Please select your pieces from the repertoire named for the orchestral work and inform us of your choice by the end of the registration deadline (1st of June).


Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock
Course Office Summer Campus
Head of the Office Summer Campus
Angelika Thönes
Beim St.-Katharinenstift 8
D - 18055 Rostock

fon +49 (0)381 5108 -240/-241/-242
fax +49 (0)381 5108 235

A participant report

“I really enjoyed the chance I gained to play with the renowned Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock. I would like to say a big thank you to Prof. Hempel and Prof. Fritzsch for providing me with this opportunity. The experience and tips that I gained from both of the professors during the rehearsals have proved very useful. I would also like to thank the members of the organisation team for their excellent supervision during the Summer Campus!”

Maya Wichert, participant at Summer Campus 2019

Master courses since 1995

The Summer Campus first took place in 1995 - one year after the founding of the University. We have worked closely with the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern since 2005. Special support for the Summer Campus is provided by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, cultural funding programme from Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) and the University's friends society 'Freund und Förderer der Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock e.V.'

Lecturers since 2006

Volker Ahmels, Ostracized Music for Piano, 2019

Paul Badura-Skoda, Piano, 2017
Mathias Baier, Bassoon, 2008
Prof. Tanja Becker-Bender, Violin, 2015
Detlef Bensmann, Saxophone, 2014
Prof. Claudio Bohórquez, Cello, 2012
Prof. Gábor Boldoczki, Trumpet, 2010
Denis Bouriakov, Flute, 2019
Prof. Shirley Brill, Clarinet, 2013
Prof. Peter Bruns, Violoncello, 2011
Prof. Gert von Bülow, Cello, 2006
Grace Bumbry, Singing, 2009
Prof. Barbara Buntrock, Viola, 2019
Prof. Jonas Bylund, Trombone, 2010

Jean-Louis Capezzali, Oboe, 2018
Prof. Natalie Clein, Cello, 2019
Compagnie Bodecker & Neander, body language/pantomime/visual theatre, 2012

Prof. Peter Damm, Horn, 2006
Albena Danailova, Violin, 2011
Prof. Helen Donath, Singing, 2007 + 2012

Prof. Filippo Faes, Piano and chamber Music, 2013
Christina Fassbender, Flute, 2012
Fauré-Quartett, Chamber Music, 2015
Giora Feidman, Clarinet, 2008
Prof. Eberhard Feltz, 2019
Laura Ruiz Ferreres, Clarinet, 2014
Pacho Flores, Trumpet, 2018
Prof. Frank Forst, Bassoon, 2014
Prof. Beat Furrer, Composition, 2009
Prof. Reinhold Friedrich, Trumpet, 2008

Prof. Saschko Gawriloff, Violin, 2009
Prof. Alexej Gerassimez, Drums, 2019
Prof. Alban Gerhardt, Cello, 2015
Prof. Mark Gothani, Violin, 2018
Lilit Grigoryan, Piano, 2016 + 2018
Reri Grist, Singing, 2011

Prof. Klaus Häger, Singing, 2013
Prof. Sebastian Hamann, Violin, 2017
Prof. Stefan Hempel, Violin, 2011 + 2012 + 2019
Clément Himbert, Saxophone, 2014
Prof. Marion Hofmann, Harp, 2009
Prof. Matthias Höfs, Trumpet, 2016
Prof. Albrecht Holder, Bassoon, 2012
Prof. Michael Höltzel, Horn and Chamber Music, 2010 + 2014
Prof. Latica Honda-Rosenberg, Violin, 2013

Prof. Petru Iuga, Double Bass, 2013
Prof. Christiane Iven, Singing, 2019

Prof. Sophia Jaffé, Violin, 2012
Prof. Rudolf Jansen, Song Interpretation, 2007
Prof. Siegfried Jerusalem, Singing, 2017

Prof. Klesie Kelly, Singing, 2013
Simone Kermes, Singing, 2017
Prof. Matthias Kirschnereit, Piano, 2006 + 2008 + 2010 + 2012 + 2016
Prof. Michael Martin Kofler, Flute, 2008
Prof. Sergei Kravchenko, Violin, 2008
Prof. Erich Krüger, Viola, 2012
Prof. Konstanty Andrzej Kulka, Violin, 2010
Prof. Ewa Kupiec, Piano, 2011

Prof. Reinhard Latzko, Cello, 2016
Prof. Karl Leister, Clarinet, 2011
Prof. Elisabeth Leonskaja, Piano, 2007
Markus, Leoson, Drums, 2009
Prof. Jens Lindemann, Trumpet, 2013

Prof. Tatjana Masurenko, Viola, 2006
Gisela May, Interpretation of musical-literary works for singers and actors, 2009
Albrecht Mayer, Oboe, 2016
Prof. Fionnuala Mccarthy, Singing, 2015
Paolo Mendes, Horn, 2014
Prof. Hamish Milne, Piano, 2015
Minguet-Quartett, Chamber Music with Strings, 2010
Prof. Nils Mönkemeyer, Viola, 2016
Prof. Frank Morelli, Bassoon, 2019
Prof. Philippe Muller, Cello, 2017
Daniel Müller-Schott, Cello, 2009 + 2014
Prof. Petru Munteanu, Violin, 2006

Prof. Marie-Luise Neunecker, Horn, 2008

Prof. Dirk Peppel, Flute, 2016
David Petersen, Bassoon, 2019
Prof. Stephan Picard, Violin, 2014
Prof. Rudolf Piernay, Singing, 2016
Prof. Viktor Pikaisen, Violin, 2006
Maria J. Pires, Piano, 2018
Prof. Menahem Pressler, Piano, 2014

Prof. Thomas Quasthoff, Singing, 2015

Prof. Helmuth Rilling, Bach interpretation for vocal soloists, 2013
Prof. Gustav Rivinius, Cello, 2006
Prof. Jan-Hendrik Rootering (Chamber Singer), Singing, 2018
Sibylla Rubens, Singing, 2018
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Ruzicka, Composition, 2010

Prof. Heinrich Schiff, Cello, 2013
Prof. Heiner Schindler, Clarinet and Chamber Music, 2006 + 2011 + 2012
Prof. Ragna Schirmer, Piano, 2012
Prof. Andreas Schmidt, Singing, 2007
Matthias Schorn, Clarinet, 2018
Jan Schulte-Buhnert, Saxophone, 2014
Prof. Josef Schwab, Cello, 2007
Prof. Felix Schwartz, Viola, 2007 + 2017
Baiba Skride, Violin, 2008
Prof. Martin Stadtfeld, Piano, 2017
Prof. Julian Steckel, Cello, 2011
Uwe Steinmetz, Saxophone, 2014
Prof. Hans-Peter und Prof. Volker Stenzl, Piano duo, 2009 + 2014
Prof. Axel Strauss, Violin, 2007
Prof. Wilfried Strehle, Viola, 2011
Máté Szűcs, Viola, 2015

Christian Tetzlaff, Violin, 2019
Prof. Frank Thoenes, Double Bass, 2018
TokyoStringQuartet, Chamber Music for Strings, 2007
Anna Tomowa-Sintow, Singing, 2010

Prof. Anatol Ugorski, Piano, 2006

Prof. Radovan Vlatković, Horn, 2017
Prof. Lars Vogt, Piano, 2019

Prof. Waldemar Wild, Singing, 2007
Prof. Janet Williams, Singing, 2012
Prof. Jamie Williams, Trombone, 2015
Prof. Gregor Witt, Oboe and Chamber Music, 2008 + 2012 + 2014 + 2016 + 2018

Prof. Bernd Zack, Piano, 2014

Concerts 2020

Thurs. 20 Aug. | 7.30 p.m. | St. Katherine´s Hall of the hmt

Summer Campus Opening Concert
Works by Mozart, Beethoven, Messiaen

Harri Mäki and Heiner Schindler, Clarinet | Cédric Pescia, Piano | Maximilian Hornung, Cello | Herbert Schuch, Piano | Sarah Christian, Violin

Wed. 26 Aug. | 7.30 p.m. | Teterow, Town Church

Solo Panorama
Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Konzertstück f-Moll für Klarinette, Bassetthorn und Orchester Nr. 1 op. 113
Saint-Saëns: Violoncellokonzert Nr. 1
Mozart: Hornkonzert Nr. 4 Es-Dur

Harri Mäki and Heiner Schindler, Clarinet | Maximilian Hornung, Cello | Soloists from the masterclasses | Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock | Conductor: Marcus Bosch

Thurs. 27 Aug. | 7.30 p.m. | Niendorf on Poel, Gutsscheune

Music of the Soul | Late Romantic Orchestral Music
Brahms: Klavierkonzert Nr. 1 d-Moll
Mahler: Des Knaben Wunderhorn für Sopran und Orchester (Auszüge)

Herbert Schuch, Piano |  Anne Schwanewilms, Soprano | Further works with soloists from the masterclasses | Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock | Cinductor: Marcus Bosch

Fri. 28 Aug. | 7.30 p.m. | St. Katherine´s Hall of the hmt

Final Concert
Orchestra concert with soloists from the masterclasses | Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock | Conductor: Marcus Bosch

All concerts in collaboration with Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Tickets: fon +49 (0)385 591 8585 | Online

Additional Events: Course concerts with masterclass participants


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