Nikos Titokis

In his career as pianist, arranger, composer, and conductor, Nikos Titokis has dedicated his broad range of musical talent to the space between genres.

He recorded his own compositions as conductor together with the NDR Bigband in two productions, and created and led the arrangements for the 30-year anniversary of the Popkurs Hamburg.

With his band “Titokis 5”, Nikos Titokis crosses transcultural boundaries between Mediterranean breezes and Northern Lights.

By contrast, in the project "Nine Dances", he builds interdisciplinary bridges between music, painting and dance. In his contribution to the sampler "Special Jazz Moves”, he combines and balances classical, jazz, minimal and new music.

Nikos Titokis’ teaching not only aims to impart knowledge, skills and tradition, but also to sharpen perception, create musical experiences and, above all, to inspire, recognise and find one's own artistic expression.

His studies in Jazz Piano (Diplom) and Composition/Arrangement (Master) were influenced by Prof. Jürgen Friedrich, Prof. Wolf Kerschek, and Prof. Michael Hamel.

The Band Titokis 5