Prof. Dr. Dr. Benjamin Lang


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Benjamin Lang studied Composition (with Adriana Hölszky, Johannes Schöllhorn and Michael Edwards), Music Theory (with Peter M. Wolf, Hubert Moßburger, Andreas Gürsching and Florian Edler, among others), Conducting (with Giorgio Bernasconi, among others) and Musicology in Rostock, Salzburg, Hannover, Lugano, Bremen and Edinburgh; Konzertexamen in Composition, PhD in Composition and PhD in Musicology.

He taught Composition and Music Theory at the Universities of Music in Hannover, Bremen, Rostock, Osnabrück, Lüneburg, Zurich and Berlin. Since 2018 he is a professor at the University of Music and Drama Rostock, since April 1, 2023, he leads the university as rector.

Benjamin Lang draws a lot of inspiration for his music from the experience of archeological excavations and sights as well as of natural phenomenons in general, which are all reflected within musical and formal structures of his compositions. In reviews his music has been described as archaic and unorthodox.

Langs music has been premiered and performed in concerts and festivals in Germany, Austria, the U.S., Bolivia, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium.

His compositions are published at the Verlag Neue Musik Berlin.


Teaching and research interests:

  • Composition
  • Contemporary Music Analysis and contemporary composition techniques
  • Composition and Music Theory Pedagogy
  • History of Music Theory
  • Applied piano
  • Artistic Research (Music Theory and Composition)


His compositions are published at the Verlag Neue Musik Berlin.