Prof. Dietrich Wöhrlin

The drummer and percussionist studied and performed research in Los Angeles (USA), Berlin, Ghana and Costa Rica.

He has long since made himself an international name as a live and studio musician.

His musical focus lies in African and Latin American Music.

He has taught at schools, music schools, and above all universities of music for two and a half decades. In this role, he teaches lectures, seminars and courses, and holds workshops in subjects such as musical style, teaching of instruments, rhythm and body percussion, as well as of course drums and percussion. Wöhrlin delivers his interdisciplinary teaching to future and experienced teachers and musicians.

In addition to his work as a teacher, he also writes textbooks, composes, and develops curricula for schools and online teaching platforms in Germany and abroad. His books have become international standard works, not only for musicians. Some of his compositions are among the repertoires selected for classical music competitions.

He also advises and helps institutions and universities both across Germany and abroad with the introduction of teaching programmes and the creation of adequate study plans, teaching materials and accreditation.

He is a co-founder of the “Global Music Academy” Berlin, whose “Global Music International” department has been helping to train teachers, setup schools and document music traditions in Africa and southern Asia since 2009.

Dietrich Wöhrlin has taught at the Rostock University of Music and Drama since 1998. He contributes towards the subject Drums and Percussions for jazz, pop, and world music, and is responsible for the body percussion course. He also holds subject and degree course-specific seminars in education, musical style and teaching practice.

Dietrich Wöhrlin received an honorary professorship from the Rostock University of Music and Drama in October 2019.