Master's degree in composition

Programme details

The Major Specialism modules I+II (“Künstlerisches Kernmodul I+II”, semesters 1 – 4) provide the core of the Master’s course. Here, the major is connected with the constant Analysis of Contemporary Music and Music Analysis in general. The Key Module (“Schwerpunktmodul”, semesters 1 – 2) emphasises the practical component of the study programme and focuses on the composer’s assertion on the professional market: Lessons in Self Management/Career Planning, exercises in Performance Skills where students learn how to appear in public and the acquisition of Recording Skills contribute to achieve this aim. The Key Module also considers side fields of the major like Improvisation as well as the reliable and active comprehension of musical works (Aural Skills).

The Modules Applied Music Theory and Musicology I+II (“Angewandte Musiktheorie und Musikwissenschaft I+II”, semesters 1–4) emphasise the scientific elements of the study course comprising special seminars in Musicology, scientific working methods and techniques for the verbalisation of music (Music Critique).

During the 3rd and the 4th semester, students choose one module out of a module catalogue to either refine their artistic skills  or to specialise (for instance in Elementary Music Education).

Course Profile

  • Official Length of the programme: two years, 120 ECTS-credits
  • Start of the course: winter semester as well as summer semester
  • Application period: 1 October to 15 November for the summer semester. 1 March to 15 April for the winter semester.
  • University Degree: Master of Music
  • Teachers
Career perspectives

The Master’s course in composition aims to qualify competent and well-informed composers.

Students learn primarily how to compose Contemporary Music founded on the traditional principals of the 20th century, to develop an excellent understanding of musical analysis and the ability to question all areas of Contemporary Music from the musicological and aesthetical perspective.

The study programme has been designed for Bachelor’s graduates (or equivalent degree) who stand out through artistic excellence in the field of composition.

Language requirements

Foreign students whose native language is not German must provide evidence that their knowledge of German is sufficient for their chosen course. 
For the Master’s degree (Composition), students are required to have reached level B2 as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 
Applicants’ linguistic competence will be established during the aptitude test. 

You will find further information in the Aptitude Test Regulations and Matriculation Regulations (only in German) of Rostock University of Music and Drama.

Aptitude test requirements

Please apply via our application website by uploading the required documents and compositions by 15th of April for the next winter semester and 15th of November for the next summer semester. If you need to send your composition works in paper via mail, they need to be at the hmt one week after the application deadline.

Round 1:
Please submit 

own compositions (minimum 3, maximum 6), preferably with varying instrumentations


Round 2: You will receive an e-mail with the results of part 1 of the aptitude test. If you have passed part 1 of the aptitude test, you will be invited to part 2 which will take place in June for the winter semester and in January for the summer semester. The exact dates will be published here: apply for studies.

Applicants are required:

  1. to sit a 30-minute oral examination comprising a talk (without notes) on your own compositions lasting approximately 15 minutes which includes issues relating to current developments in contemporary music. After that you have to answer questions put by the examination board regarding your own compositions' intentions and techniques. Furthermore, you will have to explain compositional processes using scores from various eras which will be presented to you by the examiners during the talk
  2. to sit a 3 hours written examination analysing a work of contemporary music

There is also a language test for foreign applicants.

We look forward to receiving your application!


Click here for the ONLINE APPLICATION and the dates of the APTITUDE TEST.

A fee of 50 Euro is charged for processing your application for admission. Please transfer this amount when you submit your application.

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