Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor’s degree is the first professional qualification and opens up a whole range of professional perspectives. This course aims to prepare students for careers as stage/orchestral musicians and/or music teachers, as no distinction is made between artistic and teacher training.
The course focuses on the acquisition of advanced skills in your main subject and in ensemble work as well as teaching skills in music theory and musicology. It also trains general professional skills such as management and project planning, and also prepares would-be teachers to teach at music schools.
The Bachelor’s courses are based around a central artistic core comprising your main subject. The courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Music are listed below further information/in the service menu on the right.

This is a full-time course which usually lasts eight semesters; completion of the course entitles graduates to 240 credits.
The various Bachelor’s courses mainly target young people in Germany and abroad who have already received musical training relevant to their desired course, i.e. in the corresponding main subject.