Master of Music and Master of Arts

The Master’s course is for students wishing to specialise in a certain area. The Master of Music course aims to expand the student’s skills and knowledge of his/her main subject, with proficiency as a soloist being highlighted for students training as singers or instrumentalists. The course also teaches general skills enabling students to manage music schools or festivals or work in ensembles.
The Master of Arts course focuses on the acquisition of an additional qualification in the area of musicology or theatre education.

The Master of Education course focuses on an alternate entry into the profession as a teacher and offers individual professional development while taking the individual jobbackground so far into account.

Master graduates who wish to study for a second Master's degree have to pay a study fee according to the hmt's Hochschulgebührensatzung (only available in German).

Depending on your professional perspective, you may choose between the artistic, artistic/educational or scientific courses listed below further information/on the right, all of which lead to the degree of Master of Music, Master of Arts or Master of Education.

The degree courses Master of Music and master of Arts are full-time courses which usually last four semesters; completion of the course entitles graduates to 120 credits. The Master of Education course last 2 semesters and entitles graduates to 60 credits.
The Master of Music course is mainly aimed at graduates with good Bachelor’s degrees who studied either at our college or at other colleges in Germany and abroad. All prospective students should have achieved above-average grades on their undergraduate course and have a clear professional focus.

The Master of Arts course is aimed at graduates who hold a Bachelor degree (or an equivalent degree) and have experience with scientific methods. 

The Master of Education course is open for all graduates with a study of job background in the subject they wish to teach later.