ERASMUS+ Outgoing

Studying abroad is a great, inspiring experience for every student. With the ERASMUS programme you're enjoying a lot of benefits, like financial support and the possibility to transfer your credits.

How to apply?

Every student can apply for the ERASMUS+ programme who:

  • is regularly enrolled at the hmt
  • has completed at lerast two full semesters
  • is a citizen of a state of the European Union or another country which participates at the ERASMUS+ programme or
  • has a permanent settlement permit
Where to apply?

Please inform yourself about the application processes at your preferred partner universities. We recommend to apply at different universities at the same time, but not more than three.

Here you can find a list of our partner universities.

Which documents do I need for my application?
  • Learning Agreement 
  • Student Application Form 
  • CV in the language of your guest country or English
  • For artistic degree courses: Demo-CD with represantative examples of your artistic skills 
  • Documents which are needed from the guest university
  • Grant Agreement. You're receiving this document from your guest university. It's important for the financial support.
Until when do I have to complete my application?

We highly recommend to talk to your ERASMUS-Coordinator until January.

You can discuss all details of your ERASMUS-semester with him indiviually, for example questions about the financial support, living abroad etc.

What should I pay attention to before leaving?

Please understand that the forms are in German only. If you need help with them, don't hesitate to contact the Student Office

To make sure that you've thought of everything before leaving for your adventure abroad, here's a checklist for you:  Application Guide


Gianna Schellenberg | Erasmus-Coordinator
Room M1 01
Phone +49 381 5108-243