Discover the world with Erasmus+!

The Erasmus+ Programme enables students and lecturers to realise a period of stay abroad at a partner university, and students from abroad to complete a period of study at hmt Rostock. Erasmus+ aims to support lifelong learning, enable sustainable growth, strengthen solidarity and the European identity, and advance innovations.

hmt Rostock received an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and published a Policy Statement [de] for the current funding period 2021-2027. This entitles hmt to participate in the Erasmus+ programmes.



Jeanne Baldensperger - Erasmus+ Coordinator
Room M1 01 (Appointment by arrangement)
fon +49 381 5108 226

Information about hmt Rostock:

  • Erasmus+ Code: D  ROSTOCK02
  • OID: E10071207


Further information and advice regarding Erasmus+ mobility opportunities

German academic exchange service (DAAD)

National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation
Kennedyallee 50
53115 Bonn
fon +49 800 2014 020 Fax: +49 228 882 555

Objectives of the Erasmus+ Programme

Overarching objective:

The programme’s overarching goal is to foster the educational, professional and personal development of individuals through lifelong learning. This applies in particular to the areas of general and professional education, youth and sport in Europe. It also includes sustainable growth, high-quality workplaces and social cohesion, as well as innovation research and the strengthening of the European identity.

The programme is thus an important instrument for establishing a European Education Area and for the fostering of strategic, European collaboration in general and professional education and the underlying sector-specific objectives.

Furthermore, it is of central importance for intensifying the political collaboration at youth level as part of the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and for the development of a European dimension of sports.

Specific objectives:

The programme aims to address the following specific goals:

  • Encourage the learning mobility of individuals and groups, as well as collaboration, quality, inclusion and equal opportunities, excellence, creativity and innovation on the level of organisations and political strategies in the field of general and professional education
  • Encourage the non-formal and informal learning mobility and the active participation of young persons, as well as the collaboration, quality, inclusion, creativity and innovation on the level of organisations and political strategies in the area concerned with youth work
  • Encourage the learning mobility of members of staff involved in sports, as well as the collaboration, quality, inclusion, creativity, and innovation on the level of sports organisations and strategies related to sports policies

Key actions in the Erasmus+ Programme

  • Key Action 1: Learning mobility of individuals
  • Key Action 2: Cooperation among organisations and institutions
  • Key Action 3: Support to policy development and cooperation

Programme overview

To gain a more detailed overview of the Erasmus+ programme, please refer to the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

Liability clause

This project was funded with the support of the European Commission. Only the author is responsible for the contents of this publication; the Commission cannot be held responsible for the further use of the information contained therein.