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The University of Music and Drama Rostock (hmt) has built a large and diverse network of international cooperations with a main focus on the exchange of students and professors.

Every year, many students of the hmt visit a partner university. Since the professors of the hmt Rostock hold guest lectures at partner universities, they are familiar with the universities and colleges and can advise their students in the selection.

The main international programme in which the hmt participates is the SOCRATES and ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union. A participation in this programme is easier and less complicated than an individual application at a foreign university. Those who switch to other universities within the programme, do not pay tuition fees. In addition, the student will receive a monthly mobility allowance, depending on the resources available.

Study abroad with ERASMUS+

The ERASMUS+ programme enables students and teachers to study abroad at a partner university.

The hmt Rostock has an official ERASMUS+ Charta 2021-2027, which allows us to take part in the ERASMUS+ Program. It offers support for the exchange of

  • Study abroad for students (at least 3 months and up to 12 months)
  • Mobility for teachers (This program concerns teaching and research at partner institutions. Such a stay can comprise up to 60 days)

For Students ERASMUS+ basically includes three instruments which encourage the mobility:

  • No extra study fees at the receiving institution
  • Application for a monthly grant from the German academic exchange service (DAAD)
  • Credits points achieved at the partner university can be accepted at the home institution.

Requirements for the ERASMUS+ exchange program

  • Regular enrolment at a German university
  • Completion of the first academic year
  • Studying at a partner institution, with which the home institution has signed an ERASMUS+ cooperation agreement (bilateral agreement)
  • Home and Host University have a valid ERASMUS+ Charta (ECHE)


Gianna Schellenberg | Erasmus-Coordinator
Room M1 01
Phone +49 381 5108-243