ERASMUS+ for Teachers/Professors

The ERASMUS+ programme offers the possibility for a teaching and/or research stay at a University with ERASMUS-Charta for University teachers and professors.

By visiting a guest University teachers and professors are strengthening the European network of Universitys, developing cooperative programmes of studying and are supporting the exchange of teaching content and methods.

On the pages below you can find all relevant information. You can also check the pages of the German academic exchange service

What are the benefits of ERASMUS+ for teachers and professors?
  • Teaching or research stay based on a coordinated programme
  • Exchange of teaching content and methods with new perspectives
  • Development of knowledge and skills
  • Networking
Who can be supported?
  • Teachers and professors who have a contract with the hmt
  • Teachers and professors without financial endowment
  • Lecturers with service contracts
  • Retired teachers, professors and lecturers
  • Research assistants

The amount of the financial support depends on the guest country. It's only possible to refund the costs of travelling and accommodation. 

Guest stays have to last between two days and two months with eight hours of teaching during the stay. 

How to apply

You have to search for a suitable University yourself, there are already established partnerships, but you are free to find another University as well. When you've collected all needed documents, meet with the ERASMUS-Coordinator Prof. Fröde.

The deadlines for an application are:

  • January 15th 2018 for stays from the June 2018 until August 2019

Please note that there are no extension periods!


Gianna Schellenberg | Erasmus-Coordinator
Room M1 01
Phone +49 381 5108-243