YEHUDI MENUHIN - Live Music Now Rostock e.V.

Founded in Germany in 1992 by Yehudi Menuhin – initially in Munich – a Live Music Now (LMN) association was set up Rostock in 2004. There are now 20 independent Live Music Now associations throughout Germany, all of which have the same goal: to take music to people who because of their personal circumstances are unable to attend concerts. The organisation also aims to promote young musicians by organising performances for them in hospitals, facilities for the disabled, old people’s homes, prisons and other social and medical institutions in and around Rostock. 46 award holders in 23 ensembles are currently making music for Live Music Now. All of them are hmt students who were selected by a jury of experts.

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Christiane Prechtel
Chairperson of LMN Rostock e.V.
Parkstraße 43 | D-18119 Warnemünde
fon +49 381 51 91 977

Adelheid Göckeritz
Music Committee of LMN Rostock e.V.
Herderstr. 10 | D-18055 Rostock
fon +49 381 4903900

Live Music Now-Concert in the hospital. Photo: Thomas Häntzschel