Europe in C

International Student Conference: May 12 to May 26, 2018 in Rostock (Germany)

A Collaborative Music Platform for Young Musicians in Europe

13,14, 15 November 2019
Lead: Rostock University of Music and Drama (DE)

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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

    Marseille (France) - Dunkirk (France) - Trieste (Italy) - Rostock (Germany) - Ostend (Belgium) - Athens (Greece)
    Conservatoire de Dunkerque (FR) - Conservatorium van Oostende (BE) - Rostock University of Music and Drama (DE) - Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini (IT) - Cité de la Musique (FR) - Conservatoire de Martigues (FR) - Music Program/Class CHAM at Collège Longchamp (FR)
    LabMAT - Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology (GR) - Consortium GARR broadband network (IT)

…connected in one network

A 16-Month European Project (01/09/18 to 31/12/19) That Co-Finances:

  • 3 International Meetings: Trieste (November 2018), Athens (December 2018), and Rostock (November 2019).
  • 3 Youth Exchange Programs: Six days of music and technology workshops in connection with the In C project and the collaborative platform (Dunkirk, Athens, and Marseille).
  • 3 Performances: Concerts using the LoLa system will be held after each workshop, with the last performance in Marseille serving as the closing event and featuring a delegation of musicians from each participating country (N.B.: Each partner may enhance events with financing outside of Erasmus+).
  • 3 Works of Intellectual Property:
    A collaborative digital platform that integrates the LoLa system.
    A database of instrumentals so In C can be played with diverse accompanying instruments.
    Documentary work summarising the project.

In C, The Artistic Motif of the Project

  • In C is a musical piece composed by Terry Riley in 1964.
  • In C is one of the first minimalist compositions and a foundational work of American repetitive music.
  • In C is a free and flexible collective musical work with a unique compositional structure that has been described as “the global village’s first ritual symphonic piece.”
  • In C is the cornerstone of the workshops and exchange programs for the young musicians and the closing event will feature a collective public performance of the work.

Europe in C